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Riva Tims is living the Majestic Life as a pastor for more than ten years, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, sister and friend. She is a Godly role model for her four beautiful children who love the Lord. Riva’s beauty, gentle spirit and passion for Jesus are an inspiration to those who want to know Him. Through prayer, patience and perseverance Riva is blazing a trail for God’s kingdom and is fulfilling her destiny.

The Maryland native was raised in a Christian home with her identical twin sister, Rena`. Excelling in her leadership roles in her church in Baltimore, Maryland, Riva Tims was elevated through the levels of ordination as a Deacon, Minister, Elder and eventually she was ordained a Pastor. Through the fruits of her labor, Riva Tims has uniquely “birthed” thousands of “Jewels of Christ”, women of God who are a testament to the incredible anointing on her life.

Riva has a deep passion for needy and hurting people, out of which a mission for outreach and evangelism evolved. She is the C.E.O. and founder of Majestic Life Ministries. MLM is designed to enhance individuals by delivering quality resources: spiritual, psychological, educational, financial, and physiological, which will improve the daily lives of individuals and their family members. With humility and generosity of spirit Riva captivates the minds and hearts of God’s children and helps them lead productive purposeful lives.

Riva openly expresses her greatest joy in life is being a mother of love and excellence for her children. She devotes most of her spare time to the special needs of her son and children like him born with Cerebral Palsy. In her quiet moments she enjoys reading, performing arts, history and spending time quality time with her children.


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